Yves Saint Laurent Safari Shirt Dress-Tom Ford Edition



Yves Saint Laurent Safari Shirt Dress by Tom Ford. Originally created in 1968 and now being reintroduced by the Saint Laurent label. A masterpiece-the weight of the fabric is lovely and will look great worn in. Appears unworn and in excellent condition. French size 36. Tom Ford was the Creative Director of YSL from 1999-2004. This safari shirt dress reminds me of Beryl Markham’s West with the Night. Markham would bush fly in the pitch black night of rural and undeveloped Africa, often delivering medical supplies. She traveled with a shot gun and cyanide, trained race horses, and was the first pilot ever to cross the Atlantic east to west in a non-stop solo flight. Hemingway said she made himself completely ashamed as a writer. Markham is amazing-someone dear to my heart gifted me her books . West with the Night is like going on an adventure with Markham-the book was included in U.S.A.’s Armed Services Edition and National Geographic recommends it for adventure. When I photographed this piece, I started to realize it was better than the other YSL Safari editions. This is Tom Ford’s genius in disguise coming through-look at the double plackets with contrasting off white…this one zips all the way down, and there are zips at the wrists as well. Worn zipped all the way down, half exposed, or zipped up this is sexy in a way only Tom Ford’s cinematic mind can convey. Sexy. Powerful. Independent. Unstoppable.


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