Chanel Gold Iridescent Tank and High Waisted Pants



Chanel Collection 99P gold with purple iridescent tank almost looks high-tech however is Indian Linen-simply beautiful. Back detailing is button down with luminescent clear with gold CC buttons. Shown with high waisted black Chanel Boutique 93A cotton vintage pants with two flap pockets at back with Chanel gold buttons. Both items appear to have little to no wear at all-the pants look brand new. French size 36. Equivalent to a US 0-2. Please note these pants barely fit my model. My models have approximately 24 inch waists. I love these and have a 23 inch waist and would really only be able to wear them standing. Chanel’s sizing can vary especially on vintage pieces and although these are a French 36 they are best for someone who has a naturally smaller rib cage and 23 inch or smaller natural waist. These would be excellent for a petite figure.


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